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Why You Need the Climatographers today

Climate change represents a "perfect storm" for business risk assessment and risk management. The knowns and unknowns surrounding climate and policy futures, and their 2nd and 3rd order implications, are literally hard to get one's head around.  

As recently as 2011 major consultancies were telling clients that the physical risks of climate change were decades away. Today, however, corporate decision-makers are expected to manage not only their physical risks, but a complex soup of regulatory, transition, brand, and even liability risks -- not to mention being expected to play a leading role in tackling climate change. Is it any surprise that business decision-makers are having trouble keeping up with these expectations?


The Climatographers' Dr. Mark C. Trexler and Laura Kosloff, J.D. launched the first specialized climate risk advisory firm in 1991. Today they have more than 30 years of advisory experience with companies, government agencies, law firms and NGOs all over the world. It is an unparalleled record, including many climate advisory firsts.  

a Selection of Our Firsts

First Offset Projects/Methodologies

In addition to developing the methodology for the very first carbon offset project while at the World Resources Institute from 1988-1991, the Climatographers developed or were involved with many "first generation" carbon offset projects, and have worked on or evaluated hundreds of projects over the years.

First Carbon Pricing Model

Used by electric utilities in the United States and Japan, the Climatographers developed the first carbon market price forecasting model based on a global supply curve and allowing users to specify a range of scenario variables including offset use, offset sectors, and offset quality thresholds.

First GHG-Based Power Plant Proceeding

In the first power plant siting proceeding of its kind, the state of Oregon in 1996 had several power plant developers competed for a siting permit based on their proposals' net CO2 emissions inclusive of offsets. The Cimatographers were expert witnesses in the case and developed the winning offset portfolio.

First Carbon Neutral Company

When sustainability leader Stonyfield Farm Yogurt decided to go carbon neutral in 1996, it chose the Climatographers to calculate its carbon footprint (Scopes 1-3) and manage the process of getting to carbon neutrality. 

First Climate Risk Textbook

When the London School of Economics hosted its first business climate risk course, it could not find a textbook. Upon request, the Climatographers co-authored "The Changing Profile of Business Climate Risk."

First Business Decision Support KM System

While authoring the first climate risk textbook, the Climatographers recognized that the field would be changing far too rapidly to keep such a textbook current. That's why they started building the Climate Web. Today it is the closest thing to a collective intelligence for understanding and managing business climate risks.

Climate web enabled

The Climatographers recognized more than a decade ago that business climate risk conversations would evolve quickly, requiring new ways to manage relevant information. Building on years of knowledge management experience, they started building the Climate Web as an advisory-support tool in 2010. Today the Climate Web represents more than 25,000 hours of knowledge curation, is available on-line, and can be used by anyone. Working with the Climatographers, however, you can leverage the Climate Web in particularly advanced ways. After one scenario planning engagement, for example, a Fortune-100 user characterized the Climate Web as "like having 100 experts in climate change, risk, and corporate strategy supporting you at the decision-making table!” 

advancing your climate change goals


Leveraging the Climate Web, the Climatographers can rapidly and cost-effectively deliver webinars and briefings, or support internal discussions and brainstorming. Contact us to discuss how we can help you advance your climate goals.

due diligence

Companies are increasingly expected to have carried out "due diligence" as part of climate risk assessment and management. Given the number of risk and opportunity variables and their complexity, due diligence is not easy. The Climatographers can help!

Climate red team

Want to review the big picture when it comes to your overall corporate climate strategy? Need to zero in on remaining weaknesses? Use the Climatographers as a "Climate Red Team" to quickly review the big picture and flag potential problems meriting your attention. 

carbon offset swot

Carbon offsets remain contentious and can pose real business risks. Take advantage of the Climatographers' 35+ years of carbon offset and carbon markets experience via a Carbon Offset SWOT analysis. Evaluate a specific project, or your entire portfolio!

scenario planning

Scenario planning can play a big role in robust climate risk assessment and management, but can turn into a check-the-box exercise will little true strategic value. Leverage thousands of hours of scenario planning-relevant content in the Climate Web!

knowledge solutions

If you have thought about a knowledge management system to get your head around relevant climate topics on your or on your clients' behalf (as climate advisors or lawyers), jump start a KM system with slices of, or a full copy of,  the Climate Web!

our climate risk school

Our flagship course "Your Climate Risk MBA," delivers advanced insight into dozens of topics business decision-makers can benefit from in the context of climate change decision-making. Take courses individually, or get access to all our courses for your entire team at one low price! 

what our clients say

From my perspective, the Climatographers and their Climate Web resources offer the most balanced and comprehensive basis for risk assessment and risk management available.

George Backus

Risk Expert, Sandia Nat'l Lab (ret)

Having the Climate Web available is like having 100 leading experts in climate science, climate risk, risk management, and corporate strategy collaborating with you at the decision-making table.

Project Manager

Fortune 100 Client

We worked with Mark Trexler and his team for years at Stonyfield Farm Yogurt, starting in 1996. Mark is a rare breed of consultant - deep expertise, yet an ability to translate highly technical information and make it easily understandable. We highly recommend him!

Nancy Hirshberg

Chief Catalyst, Hirshberg Strategic

Mark Trexler's team's deep knowledge of climate change risk and adaptation issues is simply unsurpassed. Their domain knowledge, analytic capabilities, and ability to communicate a truly complex issue to a sometimes reluctant audience is extremely impressive.

Eirik Nyhus

Director of Environment, Det Norske Veritas (DNV

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