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March 29, 2013

Climatographers’ New Book on Adaptation Now Available

Most companies do not yet recognize what it means to adapt to future climate change, and do not yet see it as a business priority. Our new e-book, Adapting to Climate Change: 2.0 Enterprise Risk Management, published by DōSustainability.com, tackles two key questions facing decision makers: 1) Is adaptation worth it to me as a decision maker; and 2) If it is worth it, can I really tackle it?

DoShort adaptation book cover

To order the book: Adapting to Climate Change: 2.0 Enterprise Risk Management

To read an extract from the book, see: 6 steps to managing your company’s physical climate risks at Greenbiz.com. Greenbiz.com is starting a new regular series featuring extracts from The DōShorts Sustainable Business Collection, short books that offer practical and expert solutions to emerging sustainability challenges.  Our book is the first extract in this series.



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Laura Kosloff

Laura Kosloff is an attorney with more than 30 years of environmental and natural resources experience. She has worked on numerous topics including hazardous waste, environmental justice, water law, and climate change. Currently she focuses on legal and policy issues relating to energy, climate, and other resource issues facing companies and organizations, with a growing focus on risk communication. She has worked extensively on the design of greenhouse gas mitigation and offset policies, and participated in carbon offset negotiations and due diligence.

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