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1.5 Degrees Matters, But We Do Realize the Negotiating Text Totally Punts on Getting There, Right?

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“It seems almost certain now that the final agreement will compel nations to strive to limit global temperature increases to less than 1.5°C (2.7°F) compared with pre-industrial times, alongside a firmer goal of keeping warming “well below” 2°C (2.7°F).” This is from a Triple Pundit post Thursday evening (12/10/2015). So let me get this straight. […]

Energy CEOs Losing Sleep Over Climate Change? Yes or No?

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I’m just back from attending the 5th annual Oregon Citizens Utility Board energy conference here in Portland, Utility 2025: Building the Northwest’s Energy Future. Because of how the Northwest’s energy system is structured, the meeting was more of a regional conference than a purely state-level Oregon conference, with a good draw from the energy community […]

Managing Climate Overload: Dreaming the Impossible Dream?

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With this week’s release of the Climate Knowledge Brokers Manifesto, the world can now officially characterize the topic of climate change as “too big to follow.” Dozens of websites send out great climate-related news, many of them through daily email blasts. Hundreds of climate blogs spread various climate perspectives, each hoping to present “the” key […]

A Citizen’s View: City Needs Energy and Climate Action That Matters, Not Pretends

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This article was originally published as an op-ed in the Lake Oswego Review on July 30, 2015. Just a few weeks ago, the Lake Oswego (Oregon) City Council spent more than $25,000 seeking to promote renewable energy by purchasing Portland General Electric’s (PGE’s) Clean Wind product. The city now intends to claim being 100 percent […]