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Can Knowledge Management Help Stop Climate Change? Watch TheBrain™ BigThinker Webinar to Find Out

This webinar by Mark Trexler of the Climatographers is part of the BigThinker Series hosted by TheBrain™, joining other Big Thinker webinars featuring the “Brains” of management guru David Allen, historian James Burke, and others. It was recorded in its entirety and is available here: Climate Watson. Mind Mapping Climate Change and Risk Management in […]

Can “Climate Fiction” Advance Thinking and Communication on Climate Change?

Last week, Mark Trexler of the Climatographers gave an interview to Dan Bloom of Cli-Fi Central on his thoughts about how to communicate the risks of global climate change. Dan’s blog focuses on “climate fiction” (thus, “Cli-Fi”) which he defines as “a genre of literature which uses climate change as its main topic.”  He notes that […]

Willful Blindness: How Margaret Heffernan’s Book Relates to Climate Change

As part of our periodic YouTube series of climate risk discussions using The Climatographers’ Climate Risk Brain as a starting off point, this week Mark Trexler of the Climatographers reviews Margaret Heffernan’s recently released book, Willful Blindness: Why We Ignore the Obvious at Our Peril.  The interplay between communications and human psychology, how humans think […]