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Stop Teaching Students to Equate GHG Emissions Reductions with Business Risk Management

button shows three levels of risk management

There is a fascinating business and climate change resource at Harvard Business School’s Digital Initiative website. In November 2016, Business School students faced an interesting assignment. Although few details are provided, they had to select a company whose business model was likely to be affected by climate change, describe that impact, and discuss what the company […]

1,000 Smart People in the Room Next Door

world as chess board with push pin chess pieces

I’ve just finished reading Billion Dollar Whale, a new book chronicling the exploits of Jho Low, a young Malaysian graduate of the Wharton business school. Over the last 10 years Low has allegedly pulled off the largest financial swindle ever seen by misappropriating billions of dollars from Malaysia’s sovereign growth fund. The book came closer […]

Did the Trump Administration Say It’s Too Late to Tackle Climate Change?

traffic jam bumper to bumper

There was a good deal of coverage and commentary recently regarding the Trump Administration’s draft Environmental Impact Statement (EIS) proposing changes to the National Highway Traffic Safety Administration’s (NHTSA’s) Corporate Average Fuel Economy (CAFE) standards. A lot of that commentary focused on the “no action” alternative in the EIS. The EIS projects dramatic climate change […]

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