Business Doorways

Our Business Doorways use our proprietary tool, the Climate Web. Our Doorways reflect two realities: 1) the sheer scope and depth of the Climate Web with respect to business climate risk and risk management; and 2) the fact that there is no such thing as one-size-fits-all actionable knowledge when it comes to climate change.

Through 20,000 hours of curation, the Climate Web links information, graphics, and ideas from more than 1,000 books, 2,000 videos, 3,000 websites, 20,000 reports/papers, and 40,000 news stories. More than 5,000 headings and 3,000 Index terms can help users access hundreds of business-relevant topics from the broad to the granular, including dozens of topical and sectoral Deep Dives. And the Climate Web is added to and improved every day.

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Only a small subset of all of this information will likely be relevant to any particular company. Customized Business Doorways make it possible to rapidly access that subset of the larger Climate Web. For example:

  • Working with the Climatographers to build your Customized Business Doorway can leverage your time by up to 100:1 in finding and linking you to the topics, topical headings, index entries, and other materials of most interest to you.
  • Customized Business Doorways let companies take advantage of more than 1,000 tags in the Climate Web that take climate information curation to the next level, pulling together everything from “The Most Recent 3 Months of Business-Relevant News Coverage” and the “Carbon Pricing 101 Dashboard” to the “Core Business Risk Library.” Tags are not normally visible in the Climate Web, and can only be accessed through Doorways.
  • Customized Business Doorways provide you and up to 5 business colleagues with instant access to everything linked to your Doorway, and a unique URL gives you instant access to the Doorway itself.  You can still access and explore the entire Climate Web, but you’ll save time every time you access the Climate Web. Company-wide Doorway access terms are also available.
  • If desired, Doorways can be embedded into your company’s internal website.

Business Doorways can be adapted to numerous business needs and fall into several Doorway product categories:

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For a subset of the business-relevant topics, headings, index entries, and tagged information collections you can access through Customized Business Doorways, you can download this document. Reviewing the list is likely to give you a better idea of what you might like to see in your own Doorway.