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Is Climate Change Really a Business Opportunity?

This blog post was originally published by Dr. Mark C. Trexler in on March 4, 2013. When writing anything about climate change — and particularly about climate risk — I often hear back about the need to mention “opportunities.” The same goes for sustainability. Apparently, the only risks we can hope to manage, and the only things we […]

Are We Giving Up on Managing Climate Risk? Part 3: Can We Avoid “Bad Things Happen, and Then More Bad Things Happen”?

In Part 1 of this blog series, I raised the question of whether the growing focus on adaptation and resilience suggests (perhaps subliminally) that we’re giving up on managing climate risk.  In Part 2, I looked at four potential climate futures; I tentatively concluded that Scenario #3, “Bad Things Happen, Then More Bad Things Happen,” […]

Are We Giving Up on Managing Climate Change Risk? Part 1

Part 1:  What does our increasing focus on resilience really mean for climate change risk?   One of my favorite book series is Catharine Asaro’s saga of the Skolian Empire, in which the ruling family protects their empire through their special mental ability to establish and operate the “Kyle Web.” The Kyle Web allows instant communication […]