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Climate Change and Sustainability: A Widening or Narrowing Gap?

Observers and students of climate change risk, on the one hand, and sustainability advocates, on the other, have been on seemingly diverging paths for the last decade. This may seem contradictory: aren’t these issues so closely related that their paths should overlap dramatically and at least run in the same direction? In the climate arena, […]

Climate Risk Dispatches From the Future

New Houston, Oregon, December 20, 2044 New Houston News Editorial Board: Pacific Northwest Global Warming Mystery Solved, and We’re Sorry It’s hard to imagine today that just a few short years ago the concept of human-caused global warming was a fiercely partisan issue in the United States. Conservative politicians, pundits, and even newspapers actively sought […]

Risky Business Project Memo to Oregon: “Don’t Worry, Be Happy?”

portland oregon with mt hood in background

The Bloomberg-Paulson-Steyer Risky Business Project released its long-awaited report a little over a week ago. Risky Business: The Economic Risks of Climate Change in the United States and associated support documents add significantly to the climate risk literature, and have gotten a great deal of well-deserved press and social media attention. The stated goal of […]