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Revisiting Our Climate Path

Carla O'Dell phras if only we knew what we know

Just about four years ago, we changed professional course. Trexler Climate + Energy Services had started as a one-person shop almost 25 years ago, growing into a 15-person firm well-known among companies, NGOs, and governmental agencies. We worked on the first carbon offsets, the first carbon footprints, took the first companies carbon neutral, built the […]

Pricing Carbon: Realistic Option for Moving Forward, or Just Another Pipe Dream?

It is becoming increasingly accepted that we must put a price on carbon if we are to make progress on climate change. There are many ways in which carbon can be priced, including a pre-determined carbon tax, perhaps based on the social cost of carbon; prices can also be set by using an emissions-trading or […]

Can Knowledge Management Help Stop Climate Change? Watch TheBrain™ BigThinker Webinar to Find Out

This webinar by Mark Trexler of the Climatographers is part of the BigThinker Series hosted by TheBrain™, joining other Big Thinker webinars featuring the “Brains” of management guru David Allen, historian James Burke, and others. It was recorded in its entirety and is available here: Climate Watson. Mind Mapping Climate Change and Risk Management in […]