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cover should you buy carbon offsets

When it comes to climate change, few mitigation efforts have been as popular or as contentious as carbon offsets. The arguments involved are many, complicated, and polarizing.

Do carbon offsets actually help mitigate climate change? This Ebook does not provide a “yes or no” answer to the question, but it does introduce you to critical questions for you to consider before you assume that writing that check for carbon offsets will really accomplish something. 

Interested in learning more? Consider our online Udemy course, Carbon Offsets and Climate Change Mitigation. The content of the Udemy course has some overlaps with our free e-book, but it is more up-to-date, more topically in-depth, broader in scope, and video-based. At least one offsets company so far has made the course mandatory learning for new employees. 

"An excellent and well-structured ebook"

This is an excellent and well structured e-book which explains a complex issue in an easy to understand manner. After spending a considerable amount of time looking at the voluntary carbon market, I came to the same conclusions presented in the book.

Michael Azlen ... Climate Change Investment Solutions