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Climate Change Decision Support for Business Decision-Makers

Business decision-makers are increasingly expected to internalize the potential risks and opportunities of climate change (and climate policy) into decision-making. But climate change is a huge and rapidly moving target when it comes to internalizing risks and opportunities. This Ebook introduces the Climate Web as a support tool for business decision-making, based on the Climatographers’ 20+ years of advising companies on climate change and the 20,000 hours of expert knowledge curation that have gone into the Climate Web.

Climate Change Resources for Business Advisors

cover climate change for business advisors

With business decision-makers increasingly expected to internalize potential risks and opportunities of climate change (and climate policy) into decision-making, there is a growing need for consultants, lawyers, and other advisors to help companies with those efforts. But climate change is a huge and rapidly moving topic. The Climate Web is not only a ready-made research department in a box to support the needs of business advisors, it can be used to deliver new advisory products and services. This Ebook profiles the Climate Web as a support tool for climate advisors. It is a companion to another free Ebook, Climate Change Decision-Support for Business.

Your Climate Change MBA

cover your climate MBA

This Ebook introduces you to Your Climate Change MBA, a comprehensive resource for engaging in "business and climate change" conversations. More and more employees at major companies are being charged with one aspect or another of managing climate change risks and opportunities. Your Climate Change MBA pulls together what every employee should know about climate change, climate change policy, and business climate change decision-making. 

Should You Buy Carbon Offsets?

cover should you buy carbon offsets

FREE FOR A LIMITED TIME! Carbon offsets are an increasingly popular climate change mitigation option at the individual, company, and even sectoral levels (e.g., the aviation sector). But do carbon offsets really help mitigate climate change? This Ebook does not provide a “yes or no” answer to the question, but it does introduce you to critical questions you should be aware of before you assume that writing that check for carbon offsets will really accomplish something.

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