Climatographer Support

Leverage our 30+ years of climate expertise 

Leverage 25,000 hours of climate knowledge curation in the Climate Web

Having the Climate Web available is like having 100 leading experts in climate science, climate risk, risk management, and corporate strategy collaborating with you at the decision-making table.

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Looking for direct assistance quickly?

Just have a question (or two or three)?

Get Instant Support!

  • Send us a text with a specific question, and we'll send you the URL link to the “closest” resource collection already curated in the Climate Web.
  • You might score a home run, thus saving A LOT of your own time.
  • You can also call us to ask your question, and as requested we can assemble a fit-for-purpose Topical Dashboard in minutes and send you its unique URL.

Simple billing by text or by minutes on phone -- you decide!

Instant Text Support Can Be Used To:

  • Instantly access a “core library” of topical reports
  • Instantly track topical news coverage over time
  • Instantly access the most relevant websites and resources for a topic
  • Instantly access the best graphics and ideas we’ve found in years of searching

Instant Phone Support Can Be Used To:

  • Pick the Climatographers' brains on a given topic
  • Assemble a customized curated knowledge collection
  • Instantly access the most relevant websites and resources for a topic
  • Intentionally “challenge your assumptions” for due diligence and other purposes

The Climate Web is a unique (and massive) resource for climate decision-making. 

Dr. Peter Carter, Climate Emergency Institute

The Climatographers' deep knowledge of climate change risk and adaptation issues is simply unsurpassed. Their comprehensive domain knowledge, analytic capabilities, work capacity, and ability to communicate a truly complex issue to a sometimes reluctant audience is extremely impressive.

Eirik Nyhus, det norske veritas