Climatographer Internships

Help Us Tackle Climate Change!

The Climatographers™ are looking for interns to support expansion of the Climate Web, an open-access and crowd-sourced approach to tackling climate change. The Climate Web organizes the work of experts and thought leaders across dozens of climate-relevant disciplines, extracting key insights and graphics from those works as LEGO® building blocks of climate change information. These blocks can then be assembled in ways that reflect the very different “actionable climate knowledge” needs of individuals and audiences, including business executives and policy makers.

The Climatographers need your help to:

  • Continue growing the Climate Web
  • Build the Climate Web’s social media and professional presence
  • Help the Climate Web deliver actionable knowledge on more topics to more audiences 
  • Expand the geographic and language coverage of the Climate Web
  • Develop a performance-based business model for the Climate Web

Climate Web internships include opportunities to:

  • Collaborate as part of an agile team working at the cutting edge of efforts to save the planet
  • Become proficient in using the Climate Web personally and professionally
  • Apply your skills in social media, inbound marketing, branding, and business development 
  • Take responsibility for curating “actionable climate knowledge” on a particular topic
  • Interact with experts, thought leaders, and business leaders striving to tackle climate change
  • Develop your skills in systems thinking and “wicked problem” solving
  • Become more productive personally and professionally via knowledge management skills 
  • Get authorship credit for your work

As a Climate Web intern you can make a meaningful difference. Financial compensation is not currently available, but academic credit may be available through your institution. Interns are welcome from any location and background based on a 5-20 hours per week and 3-6 month commitment. Interns work remotely and on their own schedule.

To apply, just fill out the contact form below and we'll get in touch. For more information (or to send a CV), contact Laura Kosloff.