Knowledge Downloads

There is no “one way” to make climate knowledge actionable. Climate Web downloads save you hundreds of hours of information collection and review. Our Knowledge Downloads let you structure the information you see in the Climate Web to best suit your needs and ways of thinking, with the help of the experienced Climatographer team. With the desktop version of TheBrain® software, you’ll be customizing your own knowledge system in minutes.

Business Risk

Are companies becoming more serious about climate change? How are impacts of climate change affecting how businesses view climate risk? To see how much information the Climate Web pulls together […]

Carbon Pricing

What are the options for pricing carbon? How is carbon pricing linked to climate change? What’s the right carbon price to mitigate climate change? To see how much information about carbon […]

Electric Sector

Can electric utilities adapt to a changing technology environment? What are the key disruptive technologies that will affect the sector? To see how much information the Climate Web pulls together […]

When you purchase a Knowledge Download we’ll send you instructions and a link to Dropbox to download your “slice” of the Climate Web as a Brainzip file. Knowledge Downloads are priced based on size, scope, and value delivered. Knowledge Downloads are available for almost any climate change topic, including the Climate Web’s 75 Topical Deep Dives. Contact us for pricing.