Are Polar Bears Doomed or Doing Just Fine? A Case Study in Climate Risk Communication (not!)

Most of us in the climate change space recognize that the communication of climate risk is a critical element of successful action on climate change.  It’s also something we don’t do very well (actually, we’re lousy at it, if by communication we mean influencing others’ perceptions and actions).  There’s a good deal of information available […]

Are We Giving Up on Managing Climate Risk? Part 3: Can We Avoid “Bad Things Happen, and Then More Bad Things Happen”?

In Part 1 of this blog series, I raised the question of whether the growing focus on adaptation and resilience suggests (perhaps subliminally) that we’re giving up on managing climate risk.  In Part 2, I looked at four potential climate futures; I tentatively concluded that Scenario #3, “Bad Things Happen, Then More Bad Things Happen,” […]