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Climate change poses complex risks and opportunities for businesses. Effective decision-making in this dynamic landscape requires robust due diligence that accounts for rapidly changing physical conditions, policy shifts, and evolving brand expectations.

Why Choose The Climatographers?

pioneering expertise

The Climatographers founded the first U.S. business climate risk advisory firm in 1991. Their many advisory "firsts" include authoring the first business climate risk textbook in 2011 for the London School of Economics.

authoritative knowledge

The Climatographers' proprietary Climate Web is a decision-support tool for business climate decision-making, based on 35,000+ hours of knowledge curation and covering hundreds of business relevant topics.

due diligence experience

The Climatographers have provided due diligence advice to companies around the world on topics ranging from climate investments and carbon offsets to net zero strategies and greenwashing liability.

Tailored, Comprehensive, Actionable Due Diligence Sessions


Identify Your Needs: Schedule your session with as little as 2-3 days of lead time, and complete a brief questionnaire explaining your session goals.

 The Climatographers: Based on your goals for the session, the Climatographers will design a tailored briefing based on expertly leveraging the Climate Web.

due diligence briefing

60-Minute Session: The Climatographers will deliver their due diligence briefing to you (and your team as appropriate), with adequate time for follow-up questions and discussion.

Climate Web Added Value: Easily see how briefing content is organized in the Climate Web for follow-up access.


We'll provide you with a video link to your session recording, a summary of the key aspects of the session and discussion, and a unique URL where you can access relevant materials in the Climate Web in order to dig deeper into the topic. You'll have 60 days to explore those materials and anything in the Climate Web with free Premium Access.

What Other Clients Say 

We've worked with the Climatographer team for many years, starting in 1996 when they briefed us on the then-new idea of carbon offsets. Mark and his team are a rare breed of consultants: deep expertise, yet an ability to translate highly technical information and make it easily understandable. We highly recommend them for just about anything!

Nancy Hirshberg

Formerly Stonyfield Farm Yogurt

The Climatographers' Climate Risk MBA course covers the essential elements for understanding climate change and how climate uncertainty is at the core of sustainable business decisions. Their clear explanations and insights cut through the confusion that engulfs most climate-risk considerations. The team's work, as supplemented by the Climate Web, offers a comprehensive basis for risk assessment and risk management.

George Backus

Formerly Sandia National Labs

The courses and information provided by the Climatographers are the best single source we have found for companies and individuals who want to really understand the voluntary carbon market. By providing the unvarnished truth about carbon offsets, the Climatographers set themselves apart from many others who fail to address the environmental uncertainty associated with much of the market.

Michael Azlen

Climate Change Investment Solutions

About The Climatographers

The Climatographers have been supporting business climate risk assessment since launching the first U.S. climate advisory firm in 1991. They authored the first business climate risk textbook in 2011 for the London School of Economics, and have now built the Climate Web as a collective intelligence for better climate risk assessment and decision-making. Representing more than 35,000 hours of climate knowledge curation, the Climate Web is characterized by one Fortune 100 user as “like having 100 leading experts in climate science, climate risk, risk management, and corporate strategy collaborating with you at the decision-making table."

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