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Test Your Assumptions

The business literature regularly urges business decision-makers to test the key assumptions underlying their critical business decisions. For climate change, that has been difficult to do. But with our Climate Assumptions Audit, it's no longer true. We have identified more than 100 of the most common assumptions underlying business decision-making on climate change, and pulled together the needed information to help you test those assumptions against the best available information in a rapidly changing decision-making context.

Scenario Planning

Scenario planning is a powerful tool for tackling complicated topics and uncertainties with potentially material business implications. Climate change fits that description, but scenario planning for climate change can seem like an overwhelming task. We have spent thousands of hours organizing almost infinite climate change and business information to support climate change scenario planning. You can leverage all of that work into easier and more cost-effective climate scenarios, scenario planning, and strategy development.

Tracking a Changing Climate Risk Environment

With the Climatographers’ Business Climate Risk Tracker Dashboard, business decision-makers can track changes to a company’s climate decision-making environment on a single screen. We provide constantly updated analysis of more than 30 risk, opportunity, and scenario variables, and point you to more information if you need it. Keep your finger on the pulse of climate change, business risks and opportunities, and business risk management, in just a few minutes/month! Visit a sample Dashboard below.

No Actionable Knowledge Need Too Small

Do you need to respond to a climate question from your senior management? Perhaps you’re putting together a climate-related presentation? Or maybe you want to organize a brainstorming session on how your company should think about a climate change risk or opportunity. With the Climate Web, the Climatographers can support these needs and more. In as little as 30 minutes we can pull together a custom Doorway link to a unique collection of ideas, graphics, sources, and more that responds to your specific need. It can save you time, and we’re likely to deliver information that you would never otherwise have seen. We’ve spent 20,000 hours pulling it together so that we can get it to you in just a few minutes! 

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