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The Climate Chessboard at the Beginning of 2016

Reposted from original publication at Greenbiz.com, 12/8/2015, before the conclusion of COP-21 in Paris. We welcome your feedback on what you see are the key “chess pieces” of 2016.   How can we evaluate whether we’re making progress on climate change, how much, and why? One frame for thinking about climate change progress is that […]

Revisiting Our Climate Path

Carla O'Dell phras if only we knew what we know

Just about four years ago, we changed professional course. Trexler Climate + Energy Services had started as a one-person shop almost 25 years ago, growing into a 15-person firm well-known among companies, NGOs, and governmental agencies. We worked on the first carbon offsets, the first carbon footprints, took the first companies carbon neutral, built the […]

Can Knowledge Management Help Stop Climate Change? Watch TheBrain™ BigThinker Webinar to Find Out

This webinar by Mark Trexler of the Climatographers is part of the BigThinker Series hosted by TheBrain™, joining other Big Thinker webinars featuring the “Brains” of management guru David Allen, historian James Burke, and others. It was recorded in its entirety and is available here: Climate Watson. Mind Mapping Climate Change and Risk Management in […]