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Houston, We Could Have a (Carbon Pricing) Problem!

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With the election of Donald Trump, what will happen to carbon prices (or, more accurately, what will happen to the prospect of robust carbon pricing?) Expectations of future carbon prices are potentially important to all sorts of energy (and other) decision-making, which explains why so many decision-makers are interested in carbon price forecasts. Many electric […]

The Climate Chessboard at the Beginning of 2016

Reposted from original publication at Greenbiz.com, 12/8/2015, before the conclusion of COP-21 in Paris. We welcome your feedback on what you see are the key “chess pieces” of 2016.   How can we evaluate whether we’re making progress on climate change, how much, and why? One frame for thinking about climate change progress is that […]

The Danger of Rose-Colored Glasses When Interpreting Corporate Climate Strategies

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Lots of stakeholders are pushing companies to take action on climate change, and many companies report they are doing just that. But interpreting the significance of those claims gets tricky, not only at the company level but at the level of making real progress on climate change. It’s natural that stakeholders look for good news […]

2015 – A Pivotal Year for the Social Cost of Carbon?

This past July, in High Country Conservation Advocates v US Forest Service, U.S. Colorado District Court Judge R. Brooke Jackson ruled against issuance of a coal lease exploration permit, concluding that the federal government did not consider the social cost of carbon (SCC) in the final environmental impact statement (EIS). The ruling was heralded as […]

Pricing Carbon: Realistic Option for Moving Forward, or Just Another Pipe Dream?

It is becoming increasingly accepted that we must put a price on carbon if we are to make progress on climate change. There are many ways in which carbon can be priced, including a pre-determined carbon tax, perhaps based on the social cost of carbon; prices can also be set by using an emissions-trading or […]