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What Does COVID-19 Tell Us About Global Business Risk Forecasting?

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The World Economic Forum’s (WEF) annual Global Risk Reports get a lot of attention from the business community. In recent years, the prominence of climate change related risks has suggested to many observers that the business community is getting more serious about tackling climate change.The COVID-19 crisis, however, gives us an interesting look into how […]

The Danger of Rose-Colored Glasses When Interpreting Corporate Climate Strategies

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Lots of stakeholders are pushing companies to take action on climate change, and many companies report they are doing just that. But interpreting the significance of those claims gets tricky, not only at the company level but at the level of making real progress on climate change. It’s natural that stakeholders look for good news […]

Climate Change and Sustainability: A Widening or Narrowing Gap?

Observers and students of climate change risk, on the one hand, and sustainability advocates, on the other, have been on seemingly diverging paths for the last decade. This may seem contradictory: aren’t these issues so closely related that their paths should overlap dramatically and at least run in the same direction? In the climate arena, […]