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Winning at Drawdown Chess

black and white chessboard with globe on top

Quite a few people in the climate field have been showing interest in Project Drawdown and the Project’s anticipated 2017 book (and database) covering  the 100 ways to best “draw-down” greenhouse gases in the atmosphere. The list is detailed and includes more than “pure” climate issues—for example, it includes education of girls. There’s nothing fundamentally […]

Is it Time for Climate Change and Sustainability Activists to Rejoin Forces?

This blog post was originally published by Dr. Mark C. Trexler in 2degreesnetwork.com, Oct. 4, 2013. Students of climate change risk and sustainability advocates have been on seemingly diverging paths for the last decade. Let me clarify why I mean by that: 1) Starting in the early 1990s, climate change activists envisioned a world in […]